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Memory Data storage » SD Cards » Sandisk SD 16 GB Extreme
Sandisk SD 16 GB Extreme
Sandisk SD 16 GB Extreme
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When you need speed, go with SanDisk® Extreme III™ 30MB/s Edition and get more out of your advanced camera with the world’s fastest SDHC™ card. Lightning-fast speed gives you professional-grade responsiveness, for the longest consecutive shooting performance of any SDHC card available today and faster photo and video transfers from camera to computer too.Guaranteed to withstand even the most severe extremes—from Arctic Circle to Sahara Desert conditions—Extreme III cards are ready to go anywhere, anytime. Plus, all Extreme III cards include SanDisk’s exclusive RescuePRO® Software offer, our leading-edge media recovery technology, so you can bring any accidentally deleted images and files back to life.Features: Color : Black. Extreme Speed at up to 30MB/sec read/write (200X). Extreme Capacities available in 16GB. Extreme Performance designed with SanDisk’s Enhanced. Super-Parallel Processing (ESP) technology. Extreme Durability from deserts to glaciers. Extreme Compatibility optimised for DSLR cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Leica and others.