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HDSLR System » Mini Jibs » WIELDY Mini Retractable Rocker Arm Kit
WIELDY Mini Retractable Rocker Arm Kit
WIELDY Mini Retractable Rocker Arm Kit
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WIELDY Adjustable Mini Telescopic Rock Jib Camera Crane Arm Kit

Considering the need of film productions, we have designed an awesome and incredible JIB CAMERA CRANE with unbeatable high-end quality and technicalities. This Jib allows you to produce high quality film through its huge set of features i.e. the Panning and Tilting movements of the Jib Arm allows you to take every kind of shots.

The Unbeatable Featured Quality of our Jib Arm made of metal that makes it stronger to bear the weight of heavy cameras weighing up to 8 lbs without any jerks. It has Adjustment high strength Wire System that makes the Jib Arm Stable, smooth without bend and jerks. This is really an ideal solution for all of the start up, low budget film-makers and production companies.
You can create an awe-inspired footage from a variety of angles with this Jib. This Film Equipment is a Super Smooth linkage system you will never get any binding, jerking or slippage while operating this jib crane.

Listing of the camera jib crane functions below:

1. Enhanced anise pipe design, fully considered the factors of winds such as pendulum. Arm tube diameter and material are considered more safety coefficient in the design, to eliminate the roll of shaking phenomenon. 

2. Each parts are optimized design, fully considered safety and durability. 

3. Parts processing all from CNC equipment, which ensure the accuracy of processing and rocker performance of the play. 

4. The reasonable position redeployment of the main arm and the balance arm make the crane more smoothly while running 

5. Unique double tables design, accomplish truly comprehensive compatible (75 mm 100 mm and have more than screw hole of the 1/4" and 3/8" can be fixed on a tripod) 

6. Unique folding remove design, the fore arm bedplate can be folded into arm body , which shorten carry length 

7. Can be installed barbell (not included), in order to adjust the rocker arm balance(customers can get barbells in your local sports equipmentt stores)

8. No tools installation.The install time is less than 5 minutes,which really saving time and labour and convenience.