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HDSLR System » Rigs » Red Star Pro I Series Cinema Kit Ver. 1
Red Star Pro I Series Cinema Kit Ver. 1
Red Star Pro I Series Cinema Kit Ver. 1
Red Star
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Rock solid connections, professional look and feel, ability to add various sizes of lenses, tripod mountable, camera quick release, 1/4" and 3/8" camera base compatibility.

The RedStar Pro I Series is a hybrid of our Consumer Series and Pro II Series: it has the agility & Run n Gun characteristics of the Consumer Series, yet it also includes many of the advanced elements from the Pro II. For more advanced videographers who desire more refined details than the Consumer Rig but don't need all of the features offered in the Pro II Rig, the Pro I Series Shoulder Rig is your best option at an extraordinary price point! The bundle includes a Pro I Matte Box, Pro I Shoulder Rig, and Pro II Follow Focus Bundle. 


The RedStar Pro I Shoulder Rig is a hybrid version of our Consumer & Pro II Series Rigs. It's got the agility of the Consumer Series, with the advanced designs from the Pro II. If you don't need as many features as the Pro II Rig offers, our latest Pro I rig would be the best solution for you!
The RedStar Pro II Follow Focus is known for its inclusive practicalities such as Adjustable Hard Stops, Movable Focus Indicator, play-free ergonomic gearbox, and etc. We are confident to say that we beat every competitors out there providing all these desired functions at an unbeatable consumer price.
The RedStar Pro I Matte Box Bundle is a full version professional matte box kit with the following highlights: solid design with wide format flags that greatly reduces light and flare, 3 different sized donut rings to fit various lens size, two 360 degrees rotating filter trays for 4 x 4 filters, and etc (recommended for optimal results with 50, 65, or 75mm lenses)
The RedStar Pro I Series Cinema Kit has the merits from both worlds, at an attractive price point to provide vast cinematographers with different budgets a new option!