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Bag & Case » Soft Case » Driftwood DSLR Camera Bag 7641
Driftwood DSLR Camera Bag 7641
Driftwood DSLR Camera Bag 7641
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Canvas Material + New Style + Driftwood DSLR Camera Bag 7641 (Grey Color)
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A coarse thick cotton fabric, named for north Europe eighth century will initially be used
to sail. Some people think that the canvas and sailing is at the same time, but this is not the
case. Canvas the historical development of extremely old, has been widely used as early as Roman
decade canvas. Because the canvas is a multi-strand wire weaving, texture, color fastness,
abrasion resistance, closely thick, when the Romans first used it to produce Falconry wristband.
The closely woven thick canvas also has good water resistance, and ultimately by the ancient Romans
used to make a march tent. Canvas fastness wear characteristics, and later the first modern parachute
produced by the canvas, the first modern football made ​​of rubber spherical core made from canvas,
15th century, the world's first oil painting on canvas using thick wear-resistant canvas. 16th
century canvas by businessmen brought to the American continent, in the early stages of European immigrants
from the mainland Americas, canvas bag has become the yearning for freedom, full of adventurous spirit of
the people's favorite, the subsequent emergence of the world's first pair of jeans are sewn from canvas ,
then the world's first pair of canvas shoes, the birth marks the canvas to a new period, canvas closer
to people's lives. On the 1960s and 1970s, army green canvas schoolbag staffing a fashion product.
With the advances in technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, gradually increase
in the types of canvas, applied more widely. The 21st century into the era of environmental
protection, environmental fabric of the canvas, this has been more recognition, canvas do not
have enough publicity and show off, but a little more casual and low-key, a new concept of canvas
that will host new fashion ideas move into the fashion field.

Product Series : Urban
 Product Numbe : 7641
 Brand : Driftwood
 Product Category : Bags
 Bear nature : Shoulder Messenger
 Size Range : External dimensions: width of 26 high 13 thick liner size 21: width 23 height 12 thickness  of 20
 Place of Origin : Beijing