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HDSLR System » Mini Jibs » iFootage M1 Mini Crane Jib
iFootage M1 Mini Crane Jib
iFootage M1 Mini Crane Jib
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Mini Crane / Jib Carbon Fibre only 1.52kg in weight but can support up to 5kg Extends to over 2m

The iFootage Mini Crane M1 is a very well engineered jib that weighs less than 2kg , has a tilting mechanism and is ideally suited for today’s DSLR's and smaller camcorders up to 5kg. We recommend it for use with the Canon EOS 5D / 7D, Nikon D800, Sony PMW-100, Sony NX30, MC50, NX70, Canon XA10, XF100, XF105, C100, JVC GY-HM100, GY-HM150, Panasonic AG-HMC41 and any similar size cameras/camcorders. If in any doubt regarding your camera or camcorders suitability please contact a member of the Proav team for help and advice.

The iFootage Mini Crane M1 brings together mobility and function. The M1 video crane is a durable, lightweight and compact Jib that has carefully thought out detail expanding the Jibs functionality when in use.

Side plates contains eight 1/4-20 holes that will let you mount any LED video light, external Recorder, HDMI LCD Monitor, Microphone, Wireless Receiver, etc.

Multiple mounting holes gives better mounting stability and we recommend using both of your existing tripods camera mount screws on the M1’s mounting plate to hold it securely.

The Jib’s tubes are constructed with 6x layers of carbon fibre to ensure the Jib is extremely lightweight and robust.

The secured counterweight handgrip provides excellent control and prevents any accidental counterweight slippage giving you 100% peace of mind when you are on duty.

Note: For increase stability please install desired dumbbell weight.


1 x Main Section
1 x Rear Section
1 x Hand Grip
1 x Hook
2 x Hex Keys
1 x Bag
1 x 3/8 Screw Adapter
FREE 1 x Quick Release Pla