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Studio Support » Lighting Support » Ceiling Track System - 3m x 3m, 4 Pantographs
Ceiling Track System - 3m x 3m,   4 Pantographs
Ceiling Track System - 3m x 3m, 4 Pantographs
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Professional Grade Ceiling Support System
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Professional Grade Ceiling Support System is available in 4 different easy to choose varients that can be installed to meet the needs of all sizes of TV/ Photography Studios and includes everything you need to safely suspend your lighting from a ceiling. Seperatley available accessories and complete compatibility with the Bowens Hi-Glide System mean that you can further expand these systems to create a totally customised support system.

This kit creates a "noughts & crosses" style grid - 3m x 3m on the ceiling with 4 Pantographs allowing for the suspension of 4 lights or other accessories (Pantographs have a standard 16mm lighting stud on the end) fully moveable within the square.

The overhead rack composite system uses aluminum alloy, double box girder shaped strips (which are “ 王” shaped in section ) for its main and branch tracks.

Each Pantograph adjuster can be raised or lowered from 43cm to 220cm, and each lamp can be freely moved forwards or backwards along its track.

The system does away with the use of fixed angle lighting. and cleans up the electrical cable installation running over the Studio, leaving you with a clean uncluttered studio floor free of dangerous obstacles to your client and yourself.

It provides a flexible lighting environment that can be tailored to your specific requirements. The system has a wide range of applications within the bridal photography, portrait, Glamour, advertising and video recording fields.

*Lights not included

**We recomend an ideal ceiling height of 3.2m for this system.

*** Please ensure that your ceiling is capable of holding the weight of this system PLUS any accessories that you wish to suspend.