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Camcorder » Crane/Jib » Scorpio 3 axis 10 m heavy-duty camera jib crane
Scorpio 3 axis 10 m heavy-duty camera jib crane
Scorpio 3 axis 10 m heavy-duty camera jib crane
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The most beautiful in design and reasonable in price

inverted triangle windproof arm body;
 Heavy type Tripod with pulley;
 the slip-sling structure of the electric control head ;
 DV camera controller
  PTZ operating handle ;
 LCD monitor (8 inches) 
  Wire rope pulling (10m, 8.8m, 7.6m, 6.4m, 5.2m, five selectable )
 Aluminum boxes : 3 

Electric camera head :
Rotating speed is 0-90 degrees/sec,the maximum load-bearing is 25kg
 Double operational control handle is designed based on human body engineering .It only needs one through the remote control the camera pitch ,rotation,focus and aperture .The pitch ,rotation ,zoom damping stepless adjustable ;and rotating speed,the direction control ,focus on the scope and aperture range can be set ,video button CAM of the body start /stop control

 Aperture /focusing lens servo system is available for Canon and Fujisu
6-12meters camera jibs use a tripod foot wheel design ;
15m and above camera jibs uses the heavy four-wheel feet frame and foot wheel design
Professional 3-axis head
DV 3 axis head
Z-axis system :allows the camera to rotate in a horizontal form +180 to -180 degrees
Head weight:30kg
Max.load :25kg
Horizonal rotation (x):unlimited
Vertical rotation(y):0-360 degrees
Camera self-rotation :unlimited