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Mamiya RZ67
Mamiya RZ67
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Mamiya RZ 67 II camera, like its brother, the RB67, has a couple of features that set it ahead of the field in medium-format cameras. The revolving film back and the close focusing bellows.
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Building upon its long experience since the introduction in 1970 of the
revolutionary RB67 SLR with revolving back and the later refinements
incorporated into the RB67 Pro-S, Mamiya Camera Company has
utilized the latest electronic technology in order to fulfill its Commitment
to advanced amateurs and professional photographers by producing
the ultimate 6 x 7cm camera, the Mamiya RZ67.
The result is a camera with incredible versatility and handling ease.
ideally suited for commercial, industrial, scientific, news, portrait, scenic,
and fashion photography. In fact, the Mamiya RZ67 knows no bounds
in photographic application?.. However, in order to fully take advantage
of its capabilities, as well as avoid possible mishandling, be sure to carefully
read this instruction manual before attempting to use your new

The following exemplify how the outstanding features of the
RB67 have been further refined in the Mamiya RZ67, resulting in unprecedented
quality and performance.
1. Ultra Performance Lenses
Without changing the outer diameter of the lens mount on the camera
body, the inner diameter of the mount on the RZ67 has been increased by
7mm (from 54mm on the RB to 61mm on the RZ). Furthermore, the
flange back (distance of the lens mount to film plane) has been reduced
by the same amount (from 111 mm on the RB to 104mm on the RZ).
The increase in size of the diameter of the mount and decrease in the
distance of the flange back have made it possible to design a new series
of ultra performance lenses designed exclusively for the Mamiya RZ67,
offering performance previously believed unattainable. It is now also possible
to design new, specialized optics, such as shift or high speed
Moreover, any RB lenses already in the possession of the photographer
can be used on the RZ67 without an adapter or loss in performance.
2. Improved Handling
It is now possible to advance the film and Exposure Counter, set the
mirrorand Light Baffle, and cock the lens with a single stroke of the Cocking
With Winder RZ attached to the camera body, a gentle touch of the
electromagnetic release makes it possible to effortlessly take consecutive
As the revolving back is rotated to change from horizontal to vertical format,
or vice versa, the viewfinder masks also simultaneously change
automatically, preventing the photographer from seeing anything other
than the area actually being photographed.
While retaining the “T” (time) setting on the lens, a “B” (bulb) setting
has been incorporated into the Shutter Speed Dial of the camera body for
added versatility.
The mirror-up mechanism is now automatically engaged as soon as a
cable release is attached to the Mirror-up Socket.
3. Improved Performance
Shutter speed accuracy and durability have been significantly enhanced
by utilizing an electromagnetic release and Mamiya’s own Moving
Coil system in conjunction with the Seiko #1 electronic shutter. Additionally,
the longest fixed shutter speed has been increased to 8 seconds,
making the camera more flexible than ever.
When the camera is not prepared for use, the shutter release automatically
locks and awaming lamp illuminates in the viewfinder, informing the
photographer precisely what needs to be done, a red lamp indicating that
the Dark Slide must be removed from the Film Holder, and an orange
lamp reminding the photographer to advance the Cocking Lever.
When using a Mamiyalite electronic flash, a green LED illuminates in
the viewfinder when the unit is fully charged and ready to fire.
For viewfinders with built-in exposure meters, the film speed, shutter
speed, and aperture information is electronically transmitted to the exposure
With a Mamiyalite MZ36R or MZ18R attached to the RZ67, aperture
and film speed information is automatically and electronically relayed to
the flash unit, controlling its light output. ’
_ _
By attaching Winder RZ and Receiver MZ to the RZ67, remote control
of the camera is possible with Transmitter MZ, thereby immensely increasing
the applications of the camera.
(Special Features Shared with the RB67)
The Ideal Format
The 6 x 7cm format not only offers an area approximately 4.5 x greater
than the 35mm negative size, but it enlarges to standard sizes, such as 8
x 1 0", with virtually no cropping, making it possible to utilize the full negative
area. Ideally suited for publication and standard print sizes, the 6

Camera Type : 6 x 7cm roll film SLR with lens shutter.

Film Type  : Uses 120 (10 exposure) or 220 (20 exposure) roll film.
                  Actual negative size of 56 x 69.5mm.
Standard Lenses  : Mamiya-Sekor Z 90 mm f/3.5 (6 elements in 6 groups).
                              Mamiya-Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8 (6 elements in 5 groups).
                              Mamiya-Sekor Z 127mm f/3.8 (5 elements in 3 groups).
Lens Mount : Large diameter (61 mm) bayonet (breech lock) mount with built-in safety
                   lock and 12 electrical contacts. Accepts RB lenses without an adapter.
Shutter  : Seiko #1 electronic shutter; B, T, 8-1/400 sec.; mechanical shutter speed of
           1/400 sec. usable without a battery; built-in Shutter Release Button safety
lock and manual lock provided.
Focusing Hood : Opens and closes with a single touch: equipped with 3.2 x Magnifier (interchangeable
with 5 other diopter lenses): 95% of the field of view visible;
several interchangeable viewfinders available.
Focusing Screen : All matter with Fresnel lens and instantly interchangeable.
Viewfinder Information : Orange warning lamp illuminates when Cocking Lever has not been set or properly advanced. Red lamp illuminates when Dark Slide has not been
withdrawn; also doubles as battery check lamp. Green lamp illuminates
when Mamiyalite electronic flash unit is fully charged.
Revolving Back  : Back revolves 9O" to change from horizontal to vertical format, or vice versa.
Viewfinder format automatically changes as back revolves.
Focusing Method : Rack and pinion focusing extends built-in bellows up to a maximum of 46mm. Focusing Knob provided with Lock Lever.
Film Transport : A single 114” stroke of the Cocking Lever advances the film and Exposure Counter, sets the mirror and Light Baffle, and cocks the shutter.
Film Holder  : Interchangeable holders are available for various film types.
Multiple Exposure : The built-in automatic double exposure prevention mechanism can be overridden with a single touch of a lever, providing multiple exposure provision.
Battery Type  : One 6V silver-oxide battery (4SR44) or 6V alkaline battery (4LR44).
Additiona  l: Camera has remote control capability and mirror-up capability (for vibrationless photography).
Additional  : (with 110mm f/2.8 lens)
104mm (width) x 133.5mm (height) x 211.5mm (length).
Weight : 2.4 kg with 110mm f/2.8 lens.
. Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.